We are honored to be recognized as and to be a  part of this amazing team practicing regenerative agriculture.  

What is a SUN+EARTH Certification?

Sun+Earth Certified was founded in April 2019 as a first-of-its-kind organic certification program exclusively for outdoor Sun Grown cannabis farms, wherever they are licensed and regulated. Being Sun + Earth certified goes beyond just being organic. The Sun+Earth seal guarantees that certified farms grow cannabis under the sun, according to regenerative cultivation and fair labor standards. Sun+Earth allows for inputs of organic fertilizer and natural repellents that meet requirements of the USDA National Organic Program but goes even further in requiring the use of regenerative organic cultivation and fair labor practices. It embraces the concept of regeneration by soil building and boosting soil fertility through mulching, crop rotation and reducing tillage and using compost teas, homemade plant ferments, and cover crops in order to increase soil vitality.

Regenerative farming is most definitely about renewing the ecosystem, but, a Sun + Earth certification isn’t just about what you are doing on your land, it’s also about being involved with our community through community building and also making sure our workers are well cared for. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are allowed to be used on cannabis certified to the Sun+Earth standard. Sun+Earth is committed to shifting the cannabis cultivation industry away from highly-toxic, energy-consumptive, and greenhouse gas-causing practices toward a more sustainable and healthier approach that treats farm workers with respect. They also aim to be the pathway to a future in which organically, sustainably and fairly-grown cannabis is cultivated on a scale large enough to supply the entire U.S. market. The program expects to certify cannabis farms this year in other parts of California as well as in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, Canada.

On the retailer end, the customer base, the patient, it stands to allow the purchaser to make conscious decisions about how their medicine is grown. And this seal does just that. It’s a medicine grown with love & integrity, is chemical & pesticide-free, and is grown under the sun with the least amounts of possible external inputs.

We are forever thankful to BROTHER DAVIDS® brand for establishing this certification program and for acknowledge our practices.  All of the flower sold under this brand has certification  under this program.  you can find at least one of our annual strains under this label.