Sun+Earth Series: Herbanology

We recently sat down with Emerald Magazine to discuss Cannabis, Sun and Earth and Regenerative Cannabis

Rachel Turiel and Gerasimos Christoforatos founded the Herbanology farm around 2017. Herbanology is located in Willits, California in the heart of Mendocino County — a hotbed for sustainably grown cannabis operations. This week, Emerald sat down with Turiel, Chief Executive Officer, to discuss the struggles and joys of being a small cannabis farmer.

Turiel has owned the land (about 20 acres) since 2009. For years, it sat unused “like a second home that never really got tended a lot,” Turiel explains. 

When laws and attitudes towards cannabis cultivation started to change in California, Turiel’s husband, Gerasimos, pushed for them to repurpose the land to ride the green wave. 

She took a leap of faith. “I had one foot in and one foot out,” says Turiel, “but it felt like the right thing to do.” 

The summer of 2017, they packed their bags and left their “really comfortable, beautiful home on a vineyard” in the Redwood Valley. Three months later, the Redwood Valley fires ripped through and burnt their house of five years down. For Turiel and Gerasimos, “that was a clear sign that we were meant to be up here.”


Q&A with Herbanology

Heather Dunbar

Sun+Earth Spotlight: Herbanology

Herbanology is an off-grid, small-scale, family-owned, Sun+Earth Certified adult-use cannabis farm in the forested hills of Mendocino County near Ukiah, CA. They recently announced a partnership with Cosmic Distribution in Santa Rosa, CA to get their dry flower brand professionally packaged and distributed to retail outlets in California. 

Herbanology reports they are “working on a project for this year’s harvest to use our prepackaged flower to bring attention to the cannabis breeders who do most of the work behind the scenes, getting us all the yummy flavors, genetics and seed stock from around the world, that allow us to do the work we do.”

Sun+Earth market specialist, Heather Dunbar, recently caught up with Herbanology Farmers Rachel Turiel and Gerasimos Christoforatos soon after they finished planting their cannabis crop for 2020.


We have been featured in the blog “Meet Your Farmer” on the Mendocino Generations website. We go in depth about our farm and what it means to be Sun+Earth Certified. Take a look.

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We have product marketed under the BROTHER DAVIDS® line which can be found all across California Retailers.  We believe so much in what this company stands for and we are honored to be a part of this amazing brand.