Wholistic Chef, Professional Snowboarder, Cannabis Farmer Extraordinaire .

Rachel's background?  Well she attended Warren Wilson College in North Carolina where she studied organic gardening and agriculture.


She lived in Asheville and worked on an organic farm growing mostly blackberries for about a year.


Then in 1990, she moved to West Virginia where she studied Holistic medicine and grew organic herbs and made organic tinctures.  She also worked various farmer markets in the DC area. She has over a decade of studying holistic medicine and nutritional cooking,


She went on to attended The Bauman Holistic and Nutritional Cooking school in Berkeley California where she dove deeper into her passion for holistic herbs and cooking. 


Rachel received her start in the world of cannabis in Covelo Valley (Chicken Ridge Area) in 2004. 

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Gerasimos received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in 2000. He went on to study Permaculture Design, Soil Biology, Microscopy & Aquaponics.  

As a Permaculture Designer, I have worked on implementing projects which include building grey/blackwater filtration into wetlands, rainwater harvesting methods including swales and burms, irrigation, planting edible food forests both small and large scale and in the setting of urban, suburban, and country. I have used my knowledge to serve as an educator on these principles, and have worked on building systems throughout the world. I have used my soil biology & microscopy skills and knowledge to further advance these systems. 


As a cannabis farmer, I have been farming indoor, outdoor and light deprivation since 2003. I have worked within the medical cannabis community since then. 


Specialties: Permaculture & Permaculture Earthworks, Land Rehydration & Rehabilitation, Aquaponics, Soil Biology & Microscopy Certification by Dr Elaine Ingham.  We offer Consultation Services. 


My mission, Stewardship of the earth, its soils and its water ways. Regeneration of life within the soils. By placing the proper organisms in the soil, we can grow healthy, vibrant and disease resistant crops. And we can stop wasting money and energy on destructive forces like insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


He has received his training from PHD Professor Dr Elaine Ingham of The Soil Food Web, one of the pioneers of Soil Biology, Geoff Lawton of Zytuna Farms and The Permaculture Design Institute & world renowned Mycologist Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti.